My Journey To Now...

How I changed my life forever

Looking back over the past three years have made me realise there has been one key element that has enabled me to transform my life. It hasn’t been easy and there have been times when I have questioned what the hell I am doing and really thought about giving up. But that’s just it, this one thing has kept me going and I am so glad now that I persevered through all the ups and downs, especially the downs. After all, they are part of life and are there for a reason.


You see I now understand that my life is just that- it’s mine. I am the only person responsible for my life- my beliefs, my values, my achievements, my results, my thoughts, my ideas, my destiny, my potential…….. Everything is down to me!


Sadly, it has taken some time for me to realise this and I’m not ashamed to admit that I really thought other people would solve my problems, make the crap go away or it would all sort itself out on its own.


Boy have I learned the hard way!


However, this one thing I have focused on has truly enabled me to transform my life and start living the life of my dreams and that has been focusing on ME- yes me and my personal development!


Let me take you back 17 years


I had been flitting between jobs for many years not knowing what I wanted to do or my true life’s purpose. I finally ended up as a primary school teacher and really thought I had found the vocation of my dreams. However, it soon became clear that the reality was very different to my expectations. The longer I was in teaching the more the workload increased, as did the stress, demands, expectations and responsibility- and on top of all this I was living with the debilitating effects of tension headaches, on a daily basis.


After a long day at work I would arrive home exhausted and in tears, good for nothing. I would head to bed and the following morning my alarm would go off at 6am and it would start all over again- it was relentless. It was only at my lowest my point when I was in complete and utter despair that I realised something drastic had to change.


So I quit - taking a huge risk as I had little savings, no one for back up, the usual mortgage and bills to pay and not knowing what I was actually going to do!


And that’s when it all changed... I started with research on the internet, following motivational speakers and leaders, reading books around personal development. Then I began to attend events, courses, training, anything I could do to improve my mindset and my self-belief. Eventually, I decided I needed someone to challenge me, to push me out of my comfort zone and to make sure I was stepping up and doing what was needed to really make things work! That’s when I turned to coaching and mentoring. 


I can honestly say that this too made a massive difference to my mindset, as well as allowing me to step up and do things I wouldn’t have made myself do! The key here is accountability and believe you me, it …………. definitely works! When you are being held accountable to someone else, who is not a friend or family member, but someone who challenges you for your own benefit, it’s amazing the difference it makes!


I have always questioned though why it took me so long to get here and why I stayed in my teaching post for so long, knowing I was desperately unhappy! It has taken sometime for me to come to the realisation that I have held myself back in many different ways and that I had to change many habits and thoughts that were not serving me well!




I stopped making crap excuses and came up with reasons why I needed to change my life.


I stopped living a life that I didn’t want and started to gain clarity on my purpose, dreams and aspirations.


I stopped procrastinating as much and started taking the right, positive action.


I stopped being the victim and feeling sorry for myself and began to look at my life from a different perspective.


I stopped blaming others and started to take control of my own life so I could feel proud..


I stopped with the self sabotage and started to overcome my limiting beliefs so I could take my life to the next level.


I stopped being so negative about my life and started to focus only on the positive and good in my life.


I stopped being lost, not knowing the direction I was going in and started to set unbelievable goals for myself and made plans of action to take me where I want to go.

Most of all…I started to believe in myself!


You too can do what I have done!



Believe, Transform and Live Your Life


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