Lisa Carlin

1-2-1 Coaching Programme

The 1-2-1 Coaching Programme is for you if you want to:

  • Be part of a small team (You and your coach) in which you become highly motivated by one on one coaching, where the focus is solely on you.

  • Get really focused on your key challenges in all areas including personal and business/career,  so you can achieve balance across your life.

  • Gain clarity on your purpose, destiny and overall direction and create smart goals, with clear actionable steps.

  • Have accountability from a coach who will challenge and push you out of your comfort zone, so you will take the necessary steps to get the results you ultimately desire.

How It Works

The programme is run over six sessions.

  • Take part in a weekly/fortnightly, approx 120 minute one on one coaching call via Skype (at a convenient and agreed time between coach and coachee) where you will have opportunity to share your personal goals.

  • Access to a record keeping tool for recording your goals and keeping track of your results.

  • Have access to your coach via unlimited emails, where you can ask questions and gain further support.

  • I will coach you during the calls and offer a new topic of learning each week, to keep you moving forward.

  • Uncover your true mindset and overcome your limiting beliefs.

  • Be kept accountable directly by your one on one coach.

What You Will Learn
  • How to set the right goals for you and create actionable steps.

  • How accountability is key for making a change and getting things done.

  • How to change your mindset so you become more positive and productive.

  • How to get out of your own way and become unstoppable, getting you the results you desire.

  • How you can create the results in your life that you ultimately desire and how to keep on track for the future.

  • New things about yourself that you didn’t know or realise before- those penny dropping- ‘A-ha’ moments.

  • Find a new level of motivation and love creating the life you deserve.

  • Discover how good life can be when you get focused, clear and determined.